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I saw them come in from the corner of my eye. They glanced over, averted their eyes and then sat at a table behind me, not far from the bar. I watched their reflections settle in between the bottles in the mirror.
They were pretty much like they had described themselves in the email: he, in his early forties, had dark hair and was dressed in black jeans and a simple shirt. She, blonde, wore a cashmere skirt with a thin shawl over her shoulders. Pricy stuff, but not flashy. Just as they started whispering, the waiter interrupted them but left as quickly as he’d come. Back behind the bar, he eyed me while twisting the cork. A moment later they each had a glass of chardonnay in hand.
I sat sipping my beer and fiddling with the cap on the comptoir. I caught random fragments of their conversation through the sparse latin notes coloring the late spring air.
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Trieste Station

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*These photos were taken at the abandoned Trieste Railway Station in August, 2013

Windows and Doors

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*These photos were taken at the abandoned Port of Trieste in August, 2013

Vorrei amarti

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Voglio amarti come l’alba virginale il giorno.

Amarti dolcemente come la rugiada l’erba
che giace nella mattina brillando sotto il sole.

Oggi uccellini leggeri girano nel cielo e cantano.

Vorrei amarti quando fiorisce il tuo sorriso
come un timido giglio di primavera.
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Flooding Audace

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